BLOG: Policy Brief

The last few years have been characterised by a strong shift of the policy agenda towards sustainability and resilience. On the one hand, the New Green deal and the Farm to Fork have re-focused the European Union (EU) policy towards sustainability. On the other hand, climate change has brought attention on the agricultural sector’s contribution […]

BLOG: What is the LIFT outcome for stakeholders? Project’s practical instruments

The following LIFT Typology Tool, LIFT Adoption Tool and LIFT MOOC are among the key project’s practical instruments made freely available to the public. The Tools were co-created with the help of our stakeholders in order to deliver them in a clear, user-friendly and attractive form. Let’s dive into the details! Authors: Billaudet et al., […]

BLOG: Payments for environmental services (PES): Theory vs LIFT findings

BLOG: Payments for environmental services (PES): Theory vs LIFT findings Agriculture influence many areas of today’s world – let’s look at some of them. Firstly, agriculture has a great impact on ecosystem processes as it exploits and modifies all components of ecosystem (air, soil, water and biodiversity). In economic terms agriculture is source of income […]

BLOG: Happy Holidays!

BLOG: Happy Holidays! May this Christmas celebration end the current year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of the LIFT project. Despite the difficult worldwide pandemic situation LIFT manages to adapt to the circumstances […]