BLOG: What is the LIFT outcome for stakeholders? Project’s practical instruments

The following LIFT Typology Tool, LIFT Adoption Tool and LIFT MOOC are among the key project’s practical instruments made freely available to the public. The Tools were co-created with the help of our stakeholders in order to deliver them in a clear, user-friendly and attractive form. Let’s dive into the details!

Authors: Billaudet et al., 2021, LIFT D1.5

The LIFT Typology Tool helps to assign a farm to one of the ecological types identified in the LIFT farm typology, based on user data. It offers the possibility to explore effects of changing input variables.

Further, the tool enables the comparison of performanc-es covering the economic, social and employment, as well as environmental dimensions of farms belonging to different ecological types.

The LIFT Typology Tool is available at:

Authors: Thompson et al., 2021, LIFT D2.5

The LIFT Adoption Tool serves to predict the ecological category of a farm. The tool will predict the degree of ecological practice adoption that is likely based on their responses. The tool consists of three key sections: explore, interpret, and predict.

The LIFT Adoption Tool is available at:

Function “Explore” allows to review the data collected within the project and prepare graphs based on separate variables or explore the relationships between the variables and the possi-bility of implementing organic farming practices.

Function ” Interpret” the results of the tool and see to what extent the implementation of ecological practices depends on different variables.

Function “Predict” what organic category a farm may be classified in. Predict the degree of implemen-tation of organic farming practices depending on the individual practices used.

The LIFT Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) allows stakeholders to learn about ecological approaches to farming and exchange opinions among platform users. The course has eight modules of different topics prepared by LIFT specialists and a stakeholder forum available to the participants. Regis-tration is necessary to access the platform. The LIFT MOOC is available at: More detailed information will be available soon in our website in the „MOOC” tab.

After the end of LIFT project LIFT Adoption Tool and LIFT Typology Tool will be available in the MOOC course.