LIFT Second Annual Newsletter available in 10 European languages

LIFT Second Annual Newsletter available in 10 European languages

As the LIFT project is nearing the finalisation of its second year we are happy to present LIFT Second Annual Newsletter in 10 European languages (click to download): Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Swedish.

The content of the newsletter delivers information covering the second year of the project with special emphasis on the achieved deliverables. Its purpose is to create interest towards stakeholders and the general public for them to obtain more information about the project and its results. The newsletter’s content is intended to widen the audience eager to learn more about the LIFT research questions and become more involved in the field of ecological approaches, whether on the practical, policy or scientific level.

The LIFT project determines the regular newsletters as one of the tools to reach the public with the information about the project’s progress, having 4 newsletters planned to be delivered throughout the project’s lifetime (first newsletter in January 2019, second newsletter in January 2020, third newsletter in February 2021 and fourth newsletter in April 2022).

If you would like to join LIFT mailing list – you can do that by filling out the form on Contacts page of the LIFT website and receive LIFT project’s official newsletters and updates.

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